Dr. Ben Johnson has been interviewed on the subject ‘’Mammograms cause breast cancer’’. You should first know that Dr. Ben Johnson wrote a book named ‘’The secret of health breast wisdom’’ because he wanted to somehow spread awareness. He claims that the reason for breast cancer can indeed be the mammograms that the medical society gives to women. He wants everyone to stop using mammograms because he says that they are not at all healthy, especially for women. He also claims that after getting mammograms, the risk of dying from breast cancer is increases up by 4%. He said that mammograms are not saving lives like everyone think they are.

He said that this test is a really bad test and that with smashing woman’s breasts and irradiating with cancer-causing radiation is not actually good and he believes that that is so insensitive. He also mentioned that half of the women that are being tested and have breast cancer it will not detect their cancer, which means that in half of the cases these tests are not effective.

He said that there are two better options. The first one is if you notice that you have lump and you think that it means no good – ultrasound.  It is always a better choice.

The second one is thermography. According to Dr. Johnson this is the best test because nothing touches the lady, which means nothing will smash her breasts and that there will not be cancer causing radiation.

He also explained that 8 to 10 years before the tumor occurs, there were cancer cells starting go grow. First they were two cells, after that four, 16, 150, etc. Eight years are needed to get about centimeter in size so the mammogram or ultrasound to detect it. And they mostly detect the cancer when it is too late. That one-centimeter tumor is actually about one billion cells.

He also said that early detection of cancer can save lives, and that mammograms will not detect it early.

So the Dr. Ben Johnson conclusion is that with mammograms you are doing only worse.

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