Why You Should Never Ever Drink Cold Water

You might think drinking cold water, especially in summer, feels awesome. It helps cool down fast, but have you ever thought about how it might be harming your body?

You have enough reasons to stop drinking cold water as it effects your digestive tract in harmful ways. It weakens immune system, shrinks vessels and causes indigestions. Drinking warm or room temperature water keeps health issues away.

When I go out with my friends, the servers look at me funny most of the time because even in summer time I always ask for a glass of water with no ice.
You might think this is odd, but let me tell you why I only drink room temperature and never put ice in my glass…

You probably already know that warm water opens pores making your skin feel looser, while the cold water closes your pores constricting your skin. So let me ask you what do you think drinking cold water does to your digestive tract?

Drinking ice cold water is bad for you and your health 

How drinking cold water affects you?

When you drink cold beverages, your digestion becomes restricted, your blood vessels shrink and hydration is hindered.

  • Your body expends energy to regulate your temperature instead of working on digesting the food and absorb the nutrients to create energy. Which can lead to water loss.
  • It creates mucus in your body if you drink cold water after a meal, which can decrease the immune system function, making it easier to catch a cold and other illnesses.
  • Drinking cold water while eating food or immediately after, the water temperature will solidify fats from the foods you’ve just eaten, and it is hard for the body to digest the unwanted fats from your body.
  • Cold water can even cause headaches and migraines

I have heard a lot that drinking cold water is beneficial because it burn more calories or even makes you eat less. I have to say to those who think that we do not want to make our digestive system work harder; as we should make things easy for our digestive system. There are other ways to burn calories!

Ok we’ve seen the bad effects of cold ice water, you might wonder, then what are the benefits of warm water?

The Benefits Of Warm Water?

Those are some benefits to drinking warm temperature or warmer water

  • Faster and increase hydration
  • The food breaks down more easily
  • Your natural digestive enzymes are stimulated and therefore your digestion if improved
  • Your bowels movement is better (warm water with apple cider vinegar or lemon is great for this)
  • Warm water purifies your blood and increase your body’s natural detoxification processes via your kidneys, skin and lymphatic system.

If you still feel reluctant to give up ice cold drinks, consider the fact that warm beverages have been proven to help you cool down just as effectively as cold ones.

As it may seem counter-intuitive, a room temperature drink might be even better for you than an ice cold drink

People in Sahara drink hot tea because it help them cool down their body.

that happens because, it makes your internal temperature more closely related to the external temperature, which helps you to regulate your body temperature better.

In Japan they also give out hot green tea in the street, even though it is warm outside.

I strongly advice you to get into the habit go drinking room temperature or armer water, as you will notice a drastic improvement in your digestion and the way your body feels while eating and after the meal.

I have seen some improvement myself when started drinking room temperature water

So, the next time you go to the restaurant ask the server for a “Water with NO Ice!”

Give it a try, it can only benefit you 😉

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