Top 10 Weight Watchers Workouts

These 10 Weight Watchers workouts might be just what you need for long-term weight loss!

What makes a workout ideal for weight loss? Continuity! The key to long-term weight loss is to not give up. Continue exercising and continue making the right choices. We’ve selected these ten workouts because we believe they will be the most helpful for making long-term lifestyle changes.

From a 6-week walk/run plan to at-home fat blasters, these workouts will help you get ahead on your weight loss journey.

1. Walk/Run Plan

The Walk/Run Plan is a 6-week guide that helps you improve your cardiac health by running. It culminates in a 3-mile jog that will leave you feeling proud.

2. Shape Up Size Down Beginner’s Workout

This plan is great for individuals who are just beginning their fitness journeys. The exercises are simple, and they can be modified to suit your current fitness level.

3. Fabulous Abs in 30 Days

This routine is designed to be performed 3 days per week over the course of a month. With six core exercises, it targets every angle of your abdominals.

4. Fabulous Body in 30 Days

Similar to the Fabulous Abs, this workout is meant to be performed 3 days per week. Instead of targeting just your core, it works your entire body with a combination of cardio and strength moves.

5. 7-Day 10,000 Steps A Day Challenge

This might just be one of the most important fitness challenges out there. Instead of asking you to head to the gym, we’re challenging you to take the recommended 10,000 steps a day, every day for one week. Learning how to move more throughout the day will help you achieve a healthier, more active lifestyle, and it might just be the key to long-term weight loss.

6. 7-Day Lose Inches & Pounds Workout Plan

With the Lose Inches & Pounds Plan, you’ll target a different muscle group each day of the week. You’ll have five moves per day, for six days a week, followed by a much-deserved rest day. Repeat the plan as often as you like.

7. 6-Minute Butt Shaping Workout

This quick workout has a killer combination of squats, kicks, and kickbacks to shape and tighten your glutes.

8. 3 Moves to Total Body Toning

Get a total-body workout with just 3 moves! The combination moves in this routine help you target the most important muscle groups in your body. The best part is you only need a set of light or medium dumbbells. With the right equipment, you can easily perform this workout from the comfort of your home.

9. 2-Move Fat Burning HIIT Workout

HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, has become popular because of its effectiveness for weight loss. Instead of jogging for an hour, try this 2-move HIIT workout!

10. 5-Minute Fat Blasting Workout

Our final fat-blasting routine is this 5-minute total body calorie-burning workout. You’ll be doing a total of 5 moves, including burpees, jump squats, and mountain climbers.

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