You can remove the warts by medical way but in the US that costs around 500 dollars which is really expensive and not everyone could afford that money for removing the warts. That is why in this article you will learn how to remove warts without going to the medical ways but instead at your very own home that is painless and plus you will not have to waste all that money.

But always consult with a medical person when you see a wart because you know to know if the wart is benign.

As we all know warts appear mostly in people that are in their middle ages and they can appear anywhere on the body but mostly that is happening at areas like eyelids, neck, breasts, armpits or groins because these areas are rubbing against other skin. Diabetes, obesity and of course genetics, are some of the factors that are the cause of warts. Another factor can be pregnancy because there are hormonal changes in the body then.

How to actually remove the warts fast and easy?

All you will need is a cotton ball and apple cider vinegar. The cotton ball should be the same size as the wart so it can cover it. In the apple cider vinegar soak the cotton ball, drain the excess ACV from the cotton and apply it on the wart. Do it maximum 2 times daily (more than 2 times it is not recommended) on a daily basis. In less than a weak or to be more specific around 3 to 5 days the wart will become black and it will fall down. Do not worry if there is still some traces of the wart because in a few days that will disappear as well.

Tip: When it comes to warts on the eyelids it is recommended not to use this procedure if you still want to do it, to be extremely careful because the eyes can get irritated from the apple cider vinegar.

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