What Does Yogurt Do for Your Skin? 8 Benefits & 5 Natural Remedies

Can yogurt clear skin and be good for other skin issues? 

If you enjoy eating yogurt, like I do, you are in for a treat because yogurt is not only good for the inside but when applied to the skin will leave your complexion looking healthier and smoother. Its benefits for the skin are excellent.

Now, let us discover below some great facts about yogurt and whether is good to clear the skin.

What is yogurt? Yogurt is a substance obtain from the fermentation of milk by specific micro-organisms. Is highly nutritious, tasty and easy to digest. It has been used for many centuries due to its health properties, and is ideal for people wanting to loose weight, as calories in yogurt are low.

It is also been used for centuries to improve the skin’s appearance, mostly used by women to moisturize and feed the skin, like the famous Cleopatra.

8 Great Benefits Of Yogurt

The benefits of yogurt for the organism include:

1 – Lowers cholesterol

2 – Helps with infections

3 – Good for constipation and diarrhoea

4 – Is beneficial for people suffering from anorexia

5 – Is beneficial for alcoholics

6 – Improves bone health

7 – Strengthen the immune system

8 – Helps to prevent caries

Yogurt Is a Source of Protein

Is a rich source of protein and is rich in:

  • Calcium
  • Potassium
  • Phosphorus
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc

8 Ways Yogurt Helps the Skin

Eating yogurt is good for your skin and when applied externally helps the skin in several ways:

1 – Is a way to clear the skin naturally

2 – Is an effective remedy for sunburn

3 – Helps with blemishes

4 – Tone down freckles

5 – Whitens the skin

6 – Exfoliate the skin due to the lactic acid that contains

7 – Moisturize the skin

8 – Using skin remedies with yogurt feeds the skin

5 Yogurt Remedies for the Skin

Use natural yogurt remedies to solve some skin problems:

1 – Use yogurt to whiten the skin- Mix 1 tbs natural yogurt with 1 tbs honey. Cover neck and face with this mask and clear using water.

2 – Get the benefits of yogurt for the skin with this facial mask- Mix one beaten egg white with one spoon of natural yogurt and two spoons of oats flour. Rub this mixture over the face with a gentle massage for one minute and rinse off with warm water.

3 – Get clear and smoother skin- Mix few ripped strawberries with two spoons of natural yogurt. Apply on areas like the neck as well as face. and neck. Allow 20 minutes to work before using water to rinse it off.

4 – Healthier skin- Mix two spoons of natural yogurt with few drops of natural orange juice. Allow the mask to work about 15 minutes and remove using a cloth and water.

5 – Moisturizing your skin- Mix one spoon of natural yogurt with one spoon of olive oil. Add oats until consistent and put it on face/neck for at least 10 minutes.

Feeling lazy to prepare your own masks? If so I have two terrific skin care products to recommend, both made with yogurt. Best seller in Japan and all around the world the repairing, firming and brightening mask Hey! Pinkgo Girl.

With antioxidant ingredients such as vitamin e, macadamia nuts and olive oil Korres moisturizing cream will deeply nourish the skin. Recommended for sensitive skin too.

Here you have two recipes using yogurt that will make excellent healthy breakfast or snacks.

Yogurt Smoothie Recipe

This smoothie made with yogurt is really yummy!

Put a pint of cold water in a blender. Add two spoons of condensed milk and one spoon of natural yogurt. Make a cream with this mixture. Add two scoops of vanilla ice cream or any other flavor you enjoy and beat well.

Serve in a tall glass. To make it healthier you could make a sauce just by blending strawberries, raspberries on any other fruit you enjoy, and place it at the bottom of the glass.

Greek Yogurt Fruit Salad

See what fruits you have on your fridge and put them together in a bowl.

My favorites are mango, banana, berries, kiwi and passion fruit. Add some natural Greek yogurt and a teaspoon of honey if you want. At this point I like to add a teaspoon of cinnamon powder because it is effective to speed up the metabolism.

Since I can’t tolerate cold food very well I always warm the fruit salad on the microwave for few seconds. It taste really nice because the honey melts and the heat intensifies the cinnamon flavor. Lastly you could sprinkle some seeds or nuts like walnuts, almonds or Brazil nuts, but be careful if you are keeping an eye on your weight because nuts are full of calories.

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