You are not panicking until you notice that your blood pressure is above 120/80, which means that 120/80 and lower is a believed to be normal blood pressure. But according to latest studies, this believing is actually wrong.

One of the most common health issues today is high pressure or also known as hypertension. Numerous people around the world are dealing with this kind of health problem and in many cases this condition will not cause any symptoms and in some cases it might causes short breaths, headaches, nausea, vomiting, blurry vision and dizziness.

More complicated health problems might occur if hypertension is not treated on time such as stroke, heart attack, memory loss, heart issues, kidney damage and atherosclerosis.Many factors can be the reason for increasing the pressure such as age, genes and more. These values are normal pressure according to doctors:

Today’s modern lifestyle comes along with stress, processed foods, not enough sleeping, obesity and many more things that are really bad for the human health. All the mentioned things can lead to high blood pressure which is nowadays one of the most serious health conditions.
This is another good reason to quit smoking and to stop drinking alcohol – they both increase the risk of high blood pressure. You should check your blood pressure if many people from your family had high blood pressure, because if you diagnosed high blood pressure on time you will be more successful with the treatment of it.

Chinese medicine provides many effective methods in treating many health conditions.
This article will show you a method that comes from the Chinese medicine that is very effective in reducing the high blood pressure.

What everybody knows to be the normal blood pressure is 120/80, but some guidelines from the ESC Association claim that this has changed. The new normal blood pressure is 140/90, according to these guidelines. The limit is set lower for diabetics and the elderly.

This  will definitely change things for everyone.  When blood pressure increases to 139/89 numerous people visit their doctor , but now there’s no need to take your medicines in this case. You shouldn’t be afraid  because now this is the new normal blood pressure , because it doesn’t increases the risk of heart attack or stroke.

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